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Welcome to #FUCKGLIOBLASTOMA brought to you by @brainsurgerydropout and @fashionsurgeon.  

WHAT THE FUCK IS GLIOBLASTOMA? Glioblastoma (aka, glioblastoma multiforme or GBM) is the most common and malignant primary brain cancer in adults. It is typically diagnosed in the fifth decade of life but, as we have sadly seen on social media, patients can be as young as infants! Unfortunately, there are limited treatment options and no cure. Some public figures we have recently lost to glioblastoma include Beau Biden, Gene Siskel, and Ted Kennedy. 

WHO THE FUCK ARE WE? We are both MDs who left neurosurgery residency for different reasons. @brainsurgerydropout, armed with a neuron tattoo and a PhD, left surgical training out of frustration of the limited treatment options for patients with brain cancer. @fashionsurgeon, who graduated AOA and first in her medical school class, left because unfortunately she, herself, became a patient (autoimmune). We initially met during neurosurgical residency interviews and, after matching to different programs, reconnected two years later on Facebook. This lead to an impromptu first date in LA followed by a private beach wedding six months later. Today, we now run a small biotech startup together developing new therapies and diagnostics for cancer including glioblastoma. #startuplovestory

When we are not #startupgrinding, @fashionsurgeon is salivating over designer clothes and @brainsurgerydropout is salivating over fine wine. We also enjoy gratuitous reality TV (often playing in the background at the home office), travel, holding hands, and spoiling our dog and cat.

WHERE THE FUCK DID THESE SHIRTS COME FROM? In 2013, we made a small run of #FUCKGLIOBLASTOMA shirts for personal use and to give away to a few patients we came to know on social media. Ever since we posted a few shots of us wearing the shirt on IG, our DMs have blown up with people interested in purchasing shirts not only for themselves, but often for their whole family! The whole point is we want to give free shirts to GBM Warriors... just a little something to brighten the days of patients and their families.

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH ALL THAT MONEY? The primary goal is to be able to continue to provide free shirts to patients until there are no further brain cancer patients. Maintaining and updating this site and designs is a lot more expensive than one would think and we hope there is enough demand just to break even each month. However, if there are excess proceeds from the sale of #FUCKGLIOBLASTOMA merchandise these will be used to help fund in-kind donations and sponsorships to benefit patient-focused brain cancer causes.